CAET call for submissions 2023 summer issue

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Following the special edition on art-based research in education and therapy, we are calling for contributions to the 2023 summer issue with focii on the following topics: 

● Resilience through the Arts: Empathy, Listening, Stabilizing and Breakthrough. Articles demonstrating the uses of the arts as a mechanism to generate and re-generate creativity and coping approaches to stress and burnout. 

● Crossing Borders and Liminal Spaces: Inviting, Opening, and Shaping Connections and Dialogues in the Arts. Examples of cross disciplinary approaches to arts projects and articles, that aim to bridge and soften the social and political polarized edges.

● The Social Net and Collective Memory: Constructing and Expanding Cultural Thinking. Articles that expand current theory and philosophy of participatory and action – based practices in arts education, community, health and therapy.

● Art, Education, Community Work, Health and Therapy: Connection and Differentiation. Papers and cross-disciplinary works that provoke thinking about the relationship between these approaches.


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