IACAET launched Global Care for Caregivers

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Faced with a global catastrophe in healthcare and mental health, IACAET has launched a peer support group for Arts Therapists, Arts Educators and Applied Arts Facilitators. The IACAET Global Care for Caregivers in and through the Arts sessions intend to provide a professional, collegial space of support for arts-based professionals working in healthcare, mental healthcare, education and development. The devastating impact of Covid-19 upon a large majority of countries, particularly in the developing world, and the lack of access to the vaccine has presented healthcare, education and development professionals with insurmountable challenges. While there is a wealth of knowledge and practices to address crisis and trauma, IACAET acknowledges that we live in historical times where there is no template for managing the severity of this pandemic and its consequences upon individuals, communities and nations. The IACAET Global Care for Caregivers in and through the Arts groups therefore present without formula or assumption. We are all in this, together.

This global initiative is organized by International Association for Creative Arts in Education and Therapy, with supports from Creative Arts in Education and Therapy Open Access Journal, and Inspirees Education Group.

See more details on the first session on India.

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