World Arts & Embodiment Forum (WAEF 2023)

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The World Arts & Embodiment Forum (WAEF, is a global event platform to support the development of the creative arts and somatics in a wide range of fields within education and therapy, including healthcare and wellness, performing arts, community arts and other allied professions. It is one of the most important events in 2023 you can’t miss.  Main facts:

  • 1 pre-conference, 4 summits
  • Hybrid: online & in person
  • 120+ sessions: presentation, workshop, art performance, panel, key conversation
  • 140+ speakers from 15+ countries
  • 14 days live sessions & recordings
  • 30+ event partners around the world

WAEF 2023 consists of four separate Summits: Dance Therapy & Movement Therapy (DT/MT), Creative Movement (CM), Laban Bartenieff Movement System (LBMS) and Authentic Movement (AM) which are ineluctably entwined disciplines addressing the fundamental law of human movement, its application and evolution to mystical and spiritual practice. Professional colleagues and practitioners in these fields will present and share their best practice and cutting-edge development in training, practice, and research. The wide coverage and the focusing on these four fields, and inclusion of global key conversations at several dimensions make WAEF2023 unique and different from many other conferences.

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