Our Mission

The International Association for Creative Arts in Education and Therapy (IACAET) is a professional association with a global orientation and scope. IACAET promotes a genuine global dialogue, particularly between South and North, East and West, about the role and practice of the creative arts in education and therapy across all regions. IACAET supports the development of the creative arts in a wide range of fields including education, therapy, healthcare and wellness, performing arts and other allied professions. IACAET supports the acknowledgement, and affirmation, of creative arts practitioners across the global who are committed to a body-mind-spirit continuum that advances humanity and the planet. IACAET achieves this through continuing professional development for educators and practitioners, by enhancing and safe-guarding training standards and practices rooted in diverse traditions, and through the facilitation of cross-regional, interdisciplinary and intersectional collaboration. In doing so, IACAET encourages equality and humanity in dialogues and exchanges across cultures worldwide.

Our Vision

IACAET believes the aesthetic and creative use of the arts, together with body-mind-spirit integration in a holistic and humanistic approach, are essential for individual and collective well-being, social change, the advancement of humanity and the sustainable development of societies and nature.

What We Do

Officially registered in Delft, The Netherlands, IACAET is a not-for-profit international organization in the field of creative arts in education and therapy and allied professional fields. It is engaged in the development of professional standards and guidelines to guarantee the highest quality of practice. In order to plan and manage its activities, IACAET has an international board of directors, an executive committee that reports to the directors and board, and a board for the chairs of several committees, ensuring that the widest possible area of expertise in scope of practice is represented. IACAET evaluates and approves training programs across the globe to ensure that they meet the values and standards embraced by the member organisations. IACAET provides accreditation, bridging the gap between countries and practitioners from diverse fields committed to body-mind-spirit integration. It also offers membership opportunities for individuals and organisations which, amongst other benefits, enables free access to IACAET events including the highly acclaimed global webinars.

IACAET encourages both arts and evidence-based research for the advancement of the field. IACAET publishes its own peer-reviewed, open-access journal: Creative Arts in Education and Therapy – Eastern, Western and Global Perspectives (CAET), which is a unique English language resource for research and studies in this field. The journal is indexed and collected by research databases including SCOPUS, DOAJ, Google Scholar, WorldCat, EBSCO, public libraries and universities throughout the world. There are over 50 leading experts on the editorial board of CAET.

Our Members

Albeit a relatively young organziation, IACAET has built up a truly global and dynamic community of professionals around the world. Till Febuary 2024, we have more than 300 registred individual members and a doze of organizational members (well established training institutes/organizations, universities, foundations). Most of our members are therapists, practitioners, researchers, educators in the field of creative arts education and therapy. They are actively engaged in our activities, programs and international dialouges and collaborations.

IACAET – A Truly Global Community

Advocate equal dialogues between East – West – South – North

Advance humanity with creativity, art and science

Foster social responsibility and harmony with nature


IACAET Organizational Members