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02 Apr

CAET: Call for submissions winter issue 2024

General Call
Winter Edition 2024
Creative Arts in Education and Therapy: Eastern, Western and Global Perspectives
International open access journal of 
(The International Association of Creative Arts in Education and Therapy)

The world is undergoing profound transformations, reminiscent of historical traumas that echo through time, leaving lasting impacts on communities. The CAET Journal remains steadfast in its dedication to peace, creativity, and education as pathways to healing and understanding.

As we confront the challenges of our era, the role of the arts within education and therapy emerges as indispensable. Artists and artful living practices serve as beacons of generative and restorative energy, offering hope and sustenance in turbulent times. They possess a unique ability to navigate crises, offering profound insights when words fail. In our forthcoming Winter 2024 issue, we invite contributions that explore the transformative power of artful living through a restorative justice lens and interdisciplinary approaches. We encourage submissions that reflect on the guiding principles of hope and trust, which sustain us amidst chaos.

Our overarching theme, “the wider net,” emphasizes the interconnectedness of interdisciplinary practices and invites authors to explore diverse topics, including but not limited to:
–       Restorative justice principles in research and practice.
–       Interdisciplinary engagements with art and community
–       Embodiment and resilience in artful living
–       Explorations of the role of art in shaping cultural narratives
–       Hope and trust and core principles that sustain us in our practice.
–       Innovative approaches to art therapy and education
–       Reflections on the influence of art in healing collective traumas
–       Mapping pathways to healthful living through artistic expression
–       Art-based research in diverse contexts

Submission deadline is September 1, 2024. Click here for more details.

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