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04 Mar

The Interweaving of the Personal and Professional Dance with Immigrants and Refugees

Hilda Wengrower, Israel (Contributed chapter in Hougham, R., Pitruzzella, S. and Scoble, S. (eds.). 2017. Cultural landscapes in the Arts Therapies. Plymouth, University of Plymouth. An ECArTE publication. Pps....

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03 Jan

PhD Research Projects at University of Hertfordshire

PhD Research Projects at University of Hertfordshire, with Professor Helen Payne ‘Movement Psychotherapy for Nonverbal Children with Autism: Promoting Psychological, Psychosocial, and Psychophysical Wellbeing’ ‘Dance Movement Therapy for Employee...

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01 Jan

IACEAT Research Field of Creative Art Education and Therapies

The research presented is dedicated to exploring the liminal spaces emerging in the borderlands between creative arts therapies and creative arts education. It will post a wide range of...

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13 Jun

CAET Hong Kong Special Issue Online

Creative Arts in Education and Therapy (CAET) Hong Kong special issue is online. This special issue on Hong Kong has been waiting in the wings to be published since...

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27 May

【Highlight】The Effects of Dance Movement Therapy in the Treatment of Depression: A Multi- Centre, Randomised Controlled Trial in Finland

University of Jyväskylä, Finland Researchers: Katriina Hyvönen, Päivi Pylvänäinen,  Joona S. Muotka and Raimo Lappalainen Abstract: This multi-centre research investigates the effects of dance movement therapy (DMT) on participants...

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