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03 Jan

PhD Research Projects at University of Hertfordshire

PhD Research Projects at University of Hertfordshire, with Professor Helen Payne

  • ‘Movement Psychotherapy for Nonverbal Children with Autism: Promoting Psychological, Psychosocial, and Psychophysical Wellbeing’
  • ‘Dance Movement Therapy for Employee Wellbeing and Increased Quality of Interaction: Best Practice and Guideline for Workplace Application’
  • ‘Eco-somatic Movement Rituals in Visual Autobiography for the Transformation of the Unmothered Child-self as seen through the process of a Female Filmmaker’.
  • ‘The Bodymind Approach™ (TBMA) for Managers Distressed with Physical Symptoms which have no Medical Explanation: An Embodied Approach for Coaching’.
  • ‘Effectiveness of Dance Movement Therapy as a Resilience-building and Wellbeing Tool for Mothers who are Parent-Carers for their Adult Child with Severe and Profound Multiple Learning Disabilities in India’.
  • ‘How Attunement as a Dance Movement Psychotherapy Technique can be used to help Strengthen the Parent-Child Relationship to further the Global Development NICU-graduates’.
  • ‘Exploring the Interplay of Parental Control, Attachment Style, and Embodied Attachment: A Study of Participants in an Authentic Movement Training Group in China’.
  • ‘A Qualitative Study Exploring Personal Accounts of Interoception and Anxiety as Experienced by Students in Higher Education Participating in The BodyMind Approach Group Intervention’.

Contact Professor Helen Payne, Principal Supervisor

Full Professor of Psychotherapy,
Department of Psychology, Geography and Sport
School of Life and Medical Sciences
University of Hertfordshire
Hatfield AL10 9AB
Office: 2H282, second floor, CP Snow
Telephone: (0)1707 285861

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