IACAET – Terms of Services


These provisions form an integral part of the agreement between the IACAET Stichting and the student/member as shown on the registration form.


  • The professional association: IACAET Stichting, Delft.
  • The student: the person who has registered for one of the courses or training courses organized by the Association after signing the registration form.
  • The member: the person or organization who, after signing the registration form, has applied or registered for IACAET membership and / or one of the programs and / or organized events organized by the Association.
  • The digital brochure on the website: program/event information from the association in which all relevant details of the relevant program/event(s) are stated.
  • Distance contract: an agreement concluded in such a way that only one or more techniques for distance communication, such as written correspondence or electronic communication, have been used.
  • Credential: professional recognition in the field of Creative Arts in Education and Therapy (CAET) at different level. This is to demonstrate the professional competences of the persons who receive the credential and serves as the reference instead of replacement of any national standard enforced with the local authority, especially in the field of health and therapy.
  • The project / program: Refers to a specific offer of IACAET and its registered organizational members which may consist of an education, training, workshop, lecture, conference, ceremony, therapy series, coaching process or other offer programmed by IACAET.


  • The course participant is guaranteed that the training, for which an examination is possible, is attuned to the requirements of the exam-taking body and whether the requirements of the professional field / professional organization(s) and / or the competences necessary to perform specific actions in a safe manner to perform. If these requirements are changed, the training will be adapted accordingly.
  • The Association provides the training as stated in the study guide / website.


All the individual or organizational members need to understand the fee structure and obligation of paying annual fee, in order to receive the services and benefits from the Association. Delay or failure to pay the membership fee on time can lead to the automatic cancellation of the membership from our system. Reactivating the membership involves extra work and might result in some administrative costs.


  • Registration of IACAET is done via the contact form of this website, by telephone or by e-mail.
  • Upon receipt of registration, you will receive confirmation of this and some practical information by email.
  • Since a maximum number of participants is provided for most activities, the date of payment is decisive for participation. You transfer the amount to be paid into the PayPal account of IACAET payment@api.iacaet.org. When making your deposit, always mention your name and the program/event for which you register as a reference.


The following costs are associated with the fees:

  • Membership fee: IACAET has four level of membership – Individual Member, organizational Associate Member, Organizational Professional
  • Member, Approved Training Program (ATP)
  • Event or conference fees: IACAET charges member and non-member for the events (webinars, conference etc.) organized by IACAET and its partners.


  • The Association determines the terms in which the fees must be paid.
  • Payment of the tuition fees or must always be made in advance.
  • The Association may exclude member or event participants who do not meet the agreed financial obligations from further participation, in which case the fees due will be immediately due and payable in their entirety.
    In the event of suspension, denial of access or removal from the Association, the obligation to pay the fees remains unaffected. In this case, too, the tuition fees due are immediately due and payable.
  • As we use international payment schedule as the reference to accommodate for the different economic and wealth level, please refer to our instruction online of this schedule to make the payment on membership or events according to your status and the reference.
  • All the payment is not refundable unless the Association cancels from its side. Due to the extra administrative work, we will be able to refund if you choose the wrong category e.g. international payment schedule etc. and make any additional payment. You can transfer the extra payment to other bookings.