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13 Jan

Inspirees Institute

Inspirees Institute (China)


Inspirees Institute is an international training institute specializing in creative arts education and therapy.  Based in Europe and China and belonging to Inspirees Education Group, we have been an innovator with global visions and run various certification training programs under the umbrella of creative arts somatic education (CASE®) in China since 2006. The Laban Certification China Program in partnership with LIMS is the first such program in Asia. Our dance movement therapy certification program is in full compliance with the American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA) alternate route training guidelines.  Besides, we have Creative Movement (Garcia-Plevin Method®) Certification program and Dance for Parkinson’s Disease (DfPD®) Certification program. We publish CAET – the international open access journal, the premier source in the field of creative arts education and therapy with east-west and global perspectives. We organize CAET World Forum in partnership with the renowned universities and institutes around the world.

Training programs:

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