IUMP – Subscription Plan

Individual Membership

This is for anyone who wants to associate with IACASE in support of our mission. An individual member can be a professional, a client, or a friend.
Benefits include:

  • Become part of a truly global community for networking and dialogue
  • Access to a wide range of experts and their expertise across disciplines and fields
  • Attend regular IACASE member global online events (webinars, conferences)
  • Full access to CAET journal texts and other video materials
  • Join internal online discussion group of IACASE members
  • Special Membership discount on IACASE associated workshops and courses
only 100 EUR
Organizational Associate Membership

This is the membership open toany organizations that arerelated to creative arts and somatic education, with or without their own members. This membership is a far-reaching effort to expand our fields and connect organizations internationally.
Benefits include:

  • International networking
  • Get listed as on Associate Members page of IACASE website
  • Promote your organization through the IACASE newsletter and social media
  • Opportunity to speak at IACASE Global Connection webinars and other events
  • 10% discount on the advertising in IACASE events, publications and more
only $100
Organizational Professional Membership

OrganizationalProfessional Membership is fororganizations, usually training institutes or professional associationsthat are dedicated to creative arts and somatic education, that have their own members. This membership helps you to build up a strong and professional brand. It creates synergy crossing disciplineswith other organizational members and supports our professionalcommunity byoffering special discounts for our joint members, collaborative projects and more.
Benefits include:

  • Get recognized as a professional organization by a big global community
  • Your own dedicated Institutional Professional Members page on IACASE website
  • Multi-layer of promotion via IACASE newsletter, social media and events
  • Priority opportunity to speak at IACASE Global Connection webinars and conferences
  • Joint Individual Membership discount of $15 for your members
  • Join IACASE Annual Leadership Council Meetings
  • Recommend a representative to IACASE Advisory Board
  • Join exchange program with other IACASE organizational members
  • 20% discount on the ads for IACASE related events, social media, publications
only $200
Approved Training Programs

This is the membership for organizations (with or without membership system) that offer professional level training in creative arts somatic education that has met IACASE Training Standards. It makes your training program more competitive and appealing for the potential students and help you reach more international students. Your program can get enhanced by other complimentary programs IACASE approves
Benefits include:

  • Establish your training program in professional community worldwide
  • Additional recognition through IACASE accreditation
  • A dedicated web page featuring your approved training program and courses
  • Reach a bigger tool of potential students internationally
  • Promote your program through the IACASE newsletter, social media and event
  • Join IACASE Education Council Meetings
  • 20% discount on the ads for IACASE related events, social media, publications
Membership fee: €200 / year + initial fee €150