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13 Jan

Embody Move

Embody Move (UK)


Embody-Move is one of several licensed organisations of The school of Body-Mind Centering. We deliver the practitioner certification program and Infant Developmental Movement Education (IDME) program.  Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen developed these programs with the support of many other practitioners in movement education, with the influence of her own studies in Laban and Bartenieff, Kestenberg and Bobath techniques, training in western perspectives such as occupational therapy and human anatomy, and Eastern Philosophy.  The training has been enriched by her hands-on experience of working with children with complex developmental needs and continued revision of the content through practice-led research undertaken by herself and the evolving circle of teachers and practitioners.

The practitioner training is modular based and is divided into two-year segments, the first two years form the Somatic Movement Education (SME) program with 12 courses, and year 3 and 4 comprise the Practitioner certification program.  The SME program includes; experiential anatomy of most of the body systems and human developmental movement.  The pedagogic approach is based in embodied experiential learning methods, based in cellular consciousness – i.e. deep internal awareness of the physical, psychological and affective aspects of each system contained within a developmental (ontogenetic) perspective.

The practitioner program integrates these aspects with the view to working more therapeutically with clients and is conducive to both one to one and group practice.

The IDME program is focussed on working with the family unit, with infants in the first year of life, and is also applicable to working with older client groups who experience or are diagnosed with developmental and learning disabilities.


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