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18 Nov

Why Dance for Parkinson (video)

Dance Helps Parkinson’s Patients Harness Therapeutic Power of Movement

In this compelling PBS NewsHour feature from December 9, 2010, viewers are taken on a journey into the transformative world of dance as a therapeutic tool for individuals with Parkinson’s disease. The segment explores how the expressive and rhythmic nature of dance provides not only physical benefits but also a powerful emotional and psychological outlet for those grappling with the challenges of Parkinson’s. Delving into the innovative ways in which dance is harnessed as a form of therapy, the program sheds light on the profound impact movement can have on the lives of Parkinson’s patients, offering a unique perspective on the intersection of art, science, and healing.

Dance for Parkinson, a global program from PfPD, Mark Morris Dance Group, IACAET Professional Member, is featured in this news.


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Studies on Dance for PD programs, programs based on our model, or groundbreaking work in the field. Click here.


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