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25 Feb


Important Announcement

Dear IACAET members and colleagues,

A very warm greeting from IACAET!

We would like to inform you that the Executive Committee has made a formal decision, based on extensive reflection, to reframe the name IACASE to IACAET (The International Association for Creative Arts in Education and Therapy).

With the change of the name, we hope to make our organization even more inclusive and accessible, making us flexible to navigate, explore and connect different separated fields including embodiment/somatic practice. Our mission and vision will not change, neither will we exclude embodied practice and somatic process, let alone the somatic community. The core competences and training standards in our guidelines and educational program give weight and credits to creative arts educators, therapists and includes all forms of embodied and somatic practices.

The name change from IACASE to IACAET ensures that we are aligned to significant emergent trends across the globe in the Creative Arts in development, education, therapy, and health, particularly in spaces that have pioneered integrated Applied Arts approaches. The name change also aligns us with the CAET journal, in which some of you serve on the editorial board already. Our aim here is to be streamlined, efficient and accessible in all our business.

We wish to make clear IACAET’s commitment to inclusivity, diversity, equality, and collaboration as founding principles of a global organisation. We recognise the serious need to ensure an equality of engagement in our South – North, East – West relationships. We understand that one region should not dominate the emerging narrative, and that our emerging narrative needs to be collaborative and negotiated. As a young organization, we are up for these challenges. The journey has only just started. We hope you will walk this journey with us and help steer the conversation.

We would also like to invite you and your colleagues/members to join the upcoming global webinar and dialogue on March 7 which will be presented by an international panel: The Intersection between the Arts in Education, Health, Community and Therapy in International contexts: Tradition, Innovation and Breakthroughs. Please register online soon as the seats are limited.

We look forward to your participation and involvement with IACAET in 2021.

Sincerely yours

IACAET Executive Committee

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