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05 Sep

Art Therapy (ISAT, Australia)

A place for body focused, trauma informed, learning and healing.

Institute for Sensorimotor Art Therapy


  • Certificate in Initiatic Art Therapy
  • Certificate in Healing Trauma with Guided Drawing
  • Certificate in Healing Trauma in Children with Clay Field Therapy
  • Certificate in Clay Field Therapy with Adults

Certificate in Initiatic Art Therapy 


  • Location: Online
  • Length: 3 weeks
  • Format: online
  • Language: English



About the program

This online training has been designed for those with no prior art therapy experience. The course is a foundation course for those who are looking for applicable, art-based tools to work with their clients. The exercises are most suitable for counsellors, social workers, teachers, nurses, and psychologists, those who work in a more cognitive environment and are not set up for messy activities, but wish to incorporate some non-verbal, creative processing approaches.

The training will consist of 3 weekend workshops of 18 hours each, facilitated online via Zoom. These weekends involve extensive experiential learning through hands-on art making. The processes will then be explained and embedded in current theory, Q&A, supervision. These 3 weekends are offered in 2 streams online via Zoom.

Program contents

  • Module 1: Family Art Therapy
  • Module 2: Symbolic Aspects of Art Therapy
  • Module 3: Mandalas as Crisis Intervention


Program website:

2024 Dates:
Stream 1: US, Canada, Americas, Australia: 22 – 24 March; 31 May – 2 June; 29 August – 1 September.
Stream 2: Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia: 12 – 14 April; 7 – 9 June; 20 – 22 September
Cost per weekend US$450


Certificate in Healing Trauma with Guided Drawing


  • Location: Online
  • Length: 7 weeks
  • Format: online
  • Language: English
  • Starting on 25 February 2024.



About the program

Train to become a certified Guided Drawing practitioner. This self-paced, pre-recorded training is most beneficial for those who have already some art therapy experience and work as mental health professionals or educators.

This highly acclaimed course has been tailored to a global, online audience. The 7-week accredited training features over 21 hours of professionally produced HD videos. Lessons include comprehensive theory modules illustrated with case histories, practitioner round-table discussions and filmed Guided Drawing sessions. Cornelia Elbrecht is available to actively support students through the moderated student forum. The course has been designed as professional development for mental health practitioners.

Also available as a Bundle together with our course The Transformation Journey 


Program website:


Certificate in Clay Field Therapy with Children


  • Location: Online
  • Length: 6 months
  • Format: online
  • Language: English
  • Starting on 4 February 2024



About the program

Based on the book Healing Trauma in Children with Clay Field Therapy, Cornelia Elbrecht presents an online training course to open this amazing modality to a wider audience. The course has been designed as professional development for mental health professionals and educators. The high-quality video lessons are pre-recorded and richly illustrated with over 300 Clay Field sessions with children and adolescents ranging from 2 to 18 years of age.

Completion will enable participants to work with this ground-breaking approach. 12 modules of approximately 4 hours duration each will be released fortnightly over a period of six months. Each module features an in-depth Practitioner Round Table discussion, sharing different perspectives and experiences on working with children and Clay Field Therapy. The self-directed format of this training is designed to allow participants to study in their own time. Students are encouraged to engage with each other through the dedicated course community. Once per month a live Study Group will give space for questions and answers.


Program website:


Certificate in Clay Field Therapy with Adults 


  • Location: England
  • Length: 2 weeks
  • Schedule: 2 – 16 August 2024
  • Format: in person
  • Language: English



About the program

This hands-on training offers 80 group hours of personal and professional growth in a small group setting. Working with adults at the Clay Field differs significantly to working with children. The course is not identical with the online training focused on children. The curriculum will offer understanding of:

  • The principles of haptic perception
  • The haptic biography of clients and how it shaped their learnt action patterns
  • How to facilitate sensory repair
  • Trauma-informed principles such as orienting, pendulation and sensory integration
  • The sensorimotor foundation and how it becomes compromised through developmental trauma
  • Verbal accompanying of a mostly non-verbal process

For international students this training will be held as a Summer School in the Lake District in Coniston, England. The 2-weeks-long training offers a study-holiday in a beautiful location at the height of summer. The workshops will emphasise hands-on learning in a small group setting.

Program contents: 

Module 1. Haptic Perception and the Gestalt Formation Process at the CLAY FIELD ®
Module 2. Trauma Informed Practice at the CLAY FIELD ®
Module 3: The Sensorimotor Foundation
Module 4. The Nine Situations in CLAY FIELD Therapy ®


Program website:



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