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30 Nov

Music – Universal Love by Kong Xiang-dong

It is a great honor to be interviewed by CAET, especially during this ongoing COVID19 epidemic worldwide. I would like to share my feelings as a musician about composition correlated with human sorrows.

Artwork comes into existence thanks to artists with utmost sincerity and authenticity for art. Without such feelings and aspirations, they cannot truly get touched and inspired or have creative impulse. Art-making totally comes from the heart. This cosmic law identifies the function and role of art in human society. I value the exceptional position and power of art in the face of sorrows and sufferings. It can awaken our genuine insights and boost hope and longing for beauty within us. It can serve as a source of strength in our struggle against grief and pains.

Undoubtedly, I am a musician who composes music from my heart to empower and signify the sound. Music has its origin in notes, invisible and intangible, which can only be heard and felt from the heart. Considering all kinds of art, music is particularly nihilistic. Taking into account all substances of human beings, music is exceedingly shadowless, borderless, intangible, shapeless, tasteless, and colorless. However, music is eminently practical, useful, and indeed effective. It is regarded as a good medicine for the spirit or the solace of the soul in short, music can be human redemption. Having been accompanied by music through most of my life since I started to play the piano at the age of 5, I share such feelings with my colleagues, friends, and teachers.

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